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Best Friends Ever.

Best Friends Ever.

View More: http://sethmorrisphotography.com/gallery/sacred-heart-wedding-cornerstone-reception-photography-peoria-il/ After the ceremony, while my wonderful mom and bridesmaids were bustling* my dress, our photographers asked where else we wanted to take photos. Jordan and I paused for a moment, then agreed that we were happy with the photos we had of us, our families, and the bridal party. I looked nervously at Jordan and said "Would you...erm...want to go to the reception while me and the girls run up to Bradley?" I felt bad ditching my brand new husband, but could tell he was done with posed photos. Plus, getting some pictures with my best friends at the place we met seemed right thing to do. It was just up the street!

Luckily, Jordan was on the same page, quickly said "Yeah, have fun!" and gave me a quick smooch before he happily headed over for beer and snacks. I could tell the girls were a little shocked by this spontaneity, but they borrowed the keys to my mom's minivan and we zipped up the hill. It was so nice to have that quiet time with them and relax before I was "on stage" again at the reception. Secretly, I'd hoped we would do this, but didn't want to set expectations only to disappoint if we didn't have time. The photos that Seth and Mary captured are amazing and a true celebration of these incredible ladies.

View More: http://sethmorrisphotography.pass.us/ellena-finals

View More: http://sethmorrisphotography.pass.us/ellena-finals

Also, a celebration of my sheer delight at this amazing "spinny" dress (you know, the kind that floats out perfectly when you twirl around!):View More: http://sethmorrisphotography.com/gallery/sacred-heart-wedding-cornerstone-reception-photography-peoria-il/

Then, we headed to the reception!

*I had no idea what a bustle was until I was wedding dress shopping. When your dress has a train, meaning it's longer in the back, you might want to pin it up so you can move easily at the reception. That pinned up bit is called the bustle, and you can pin it up in all sorts of simple or fancy ways. The act of pinning it up is called "bustling." WEDDINGS ARE SO WEIRD.

Photographs by Seth Morris Photography

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