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Perfect Hostess Gifts for Girls' Weekend

Perfect Hostess Gifts for Girls' Weekend


Now that my friends and I no longer live on the same college campus (which we lament often), our get-togethers are weekend-long events that we take turns hosting at our apartments around the midwest.  Hosting, even when it's people you love, can be challenging.  It's always appreciated when guests bring something along that makes hosting the group a little easier, and can also be enjoyed by the hostess later.  This past weekend, I was very inspired by the assortment of goodies we brought to Indy...so I thought I'd share. 8 Perfect Hostess Gifts for Girls' Weekend

  1. A romantic Christmas-y movie
  2. Local coffee from your (current) home city...because we can put a dent in one person's coffee supply.  Bringing enough for everyone, plus a little extra for the host to enjoy post-visit, is a nice gesture.
  3. A DIY cookbook plus supplies to make one of the projects together (hot chocolate and marshmallows, anyone?).  Because we are always open to getting crafty while wearing sweatpants.
  4. Seasonal and snackable produce, like a bowl of tangerines...to balance out the wine and chocolate that is consumed.
  5. Trader Joe’s Taste Test of Caramels…enjoy a sweet treat and have fun guessing the different flavors...bring an extra box for the hostess to stash away.
  6. A pretty winter-y nail polish, for midnight pedicures during the weekend.  After, the hostess can enjoy it and be reminded of the weekend every time she looks at her toes!
  7. This genius popcorn bowl, plus kernels and salt...for the massive amount of snacking we are capable of.
  8. The good ol’ standby...because you know it will be put to good use.

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