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Mug Shot

HannahEllena.com: Fabulous Mugs All of my fun rhyme/cultural reference options for this post title were lame.

"Mean Muggin" is a circa-2007 slang term. "Your Mug is My Drug" would be so 2010. "It's Motherf***ing Tea Time" seemed crude. So I decided to embrace the cliched lameness with "Mug Shot." This is why advertising agencies are paid to come up with fun names and phrases---it is truly a talent.

I believe that a person's mug collection, big or small, says a lot about their personality. They're great conversation starters at home or work---I love hearing the stories behind mugs that are meaningful, gifted, made, or found. At my friend Tricia's apartment, there is a very special mushroom mug. It brings good luck. The rule is, if you're celebrating something of if you're having a bad day, you get the mug (and we don't just use it for coffee). If neither is happening, we usually end up making up reasons to celebrate.

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