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Should we get a dog?

[embed]https://www.flickr.com/photos/kome8/13664472783/in/photostream/[/embed] When I say "we've been thinking about getting a dog," I mean we've been researching and discussing for almost two years.  A corgi, specifically.  Now that we are settled into Kansas City, I think we're ready to make the jump... But I want to be responsible about this.  I want to make sure we're looking beyond "it's a cute fuzzy thing!"

I like the idea of having a dog because...

  • It would be a cute being that is super thrilled to see us all the time
  • A dog would be an amusing addition to the family
  • A little buddy to hang out with
  • Unconditional love

But, I'm nervous because...

  • What if we stink at training our dog, and it's a yippy, unfriendly beast?
  • What if we give the dog too much or too little attention and ruin it?
  • Will we lose our freedom, having to worry about being home to take care of it?
  • Are we committed enough? Even when it comes to taking the dog outside for bathroom/exercise, no matter what the weather is or what our moods are.
  • Is having a dog an excessive expense?  Should we put money into savings instead of sinking it into pills and dog food and vet bills?

Now, I think it will be up to a gut reaction when we get an e-mail that some puppies are available!

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